Friday, July 20, 2007

A wet Friday !!

Last few days have been very productive in terms of identifying some interesting new web fodder which you might quite like....
Let's start with Craig Robinson, who produced the FLIP FLOP FLYIN website, which has a unique style of representing characters from popular culture (more on Cultural Geography later)

Later this year, Craig's style is being applied to an exploration of different countries in a new hardback book called ATLAS SCHMATLAS.

This is already available on PLAY.COM for pre-order.
Here's the front cover:

and one of the maps - this one of Antarctica: an Extreme Environment studied by many Pilot GCSE groups.

Second up is a site called MY Abodo, which is part of a whole range of sites aimed at exploring energy efficiency and carbon footprinting. This allows you to design and choose from various aspects of house design and lifestyle choice to look at the impact these choices have on the environment.

This allows you to create your Abodo and then send it to the site for others to view. Useful for looking at the theme of SUSTAINABILITY.
Here's the emeddable code for mine:

Have also been starting some preliminary planning on the Cultural Geography stuff I'm doing next year. One of the contexts I'm going to use is FISH and CHIPS. This is comfort eating of the highest order, and I never tire of seeing big pictures of fish and chips on the screen...

G2 today had a fantastic article which sets the scene for a short unit on Fish and Chips. There is a lot of cultural history and immigration thrown into this...

Thanks to Phil Wood for saving me many hours of planning by sending me a very interesting booklet with plenty of food for thought and ideas to develop and adapt.

The Independent also had a useful front page for the Pilot GCSE on Transport planning on Wednesday.
Don't forget to check out the ARCHIVE of excellent front page images...

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