Monday, July 02, 2007

Sustainable Transport 1


1. Research and find out about the following methods of transport you might not have added to the first diagram:

a) Rickshaw

b) Light Rail

c) Guided bus

d) Maglev

e) Tram

f) Community bus

g) Car pooling

Provide an example of an actual place where these have been used.

2. Think through the various stages involved in taking a bus journey – try to account for every stage in the journey. Produce this in the form of a flow chart.

3. Now try to think of the different problems that could occur at each of the stages, which might put people off using the bus as a form of transport. Remember that not everyone is able bodied and has all their senses working 100%

4. Now try to come up with a solution to the problem that would encourage people to keep using the bus

Where do the following fit into this ?

· Heavy rainfall

· Bus full by the time it gets to your stop

· Electronic information boards

· Kneeling bus

· Bus shelters

· Oyster cards

· Pre-payment tickets

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