Monday, July 16, 2007

School's Out ! (well, nearly...)

Here is a list of things to do over summer...
You will get points for each of these that you do...
Anyone getting 10 points will get a special bonus prize !!

1. Send us a postcard (don't forget the competition) - and claim 2 points
2. Save a ticket from a form of transport and bring it in - train, plane, tram... - 1 point for UK and 2 points for foreign tickets

3. Take a picture on a digital camera or mobile phone camera of a sign relating to traffic management: it could be warning of rising bollards (see earlier post), details on car parks, congestion charging sign etc. - 1 point (plus a bonus point for 'interestingness'...

4. Send me an e-mail to to recommend 1 site which has information on ideas for sustainable transport - 1 point for a site (and 2 points if it's one that I haven't heard of before - which will be quite difficult !)

5. 1 point for each of up to 3 RELEVANT comments made on previous postings on this weblog !

6. 2 points for cutting out 5 newspaper stories relating to the issue of traffic and transport problems either in the local area or nationally and bringing them in on the first day back....

Also, don't forget the CD pack - please return this on the first day back too if you haven't already put it in the box...

And here's your work for today!


One way to reduce traffic in city centres is to impose a charge for any vehicle entering the area. This has been used in London, and a number of other cities around the world.

1. When was the congestion charge introduced in London ?

2. How much was the congestion charge when it was introduced and how much is it now ?

3. What are the limits of the congestion charge in terms of timings and areas covered. What are the future plans regarding the area covered by the congestion charging zone ?

4. How is the charge policed ?

5. What types of vehicles are exempt from the congestion charge – can you think of some ways that people have tried to avoid paying the charge bearing in mind these rules ? If you lived just outside the congestion zone and had to travel into it each day, how could you avoid paying the charge ?

6. Mark other cities which have a congestion charge onto the map of Europe (include at least one other city in the UK)


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