Monday, July 23, 2007

PM visits Gloucester

Gordon Brown visiting Gloucester this morning to see the flooding problems in the area. The Quays are still threatened.

Q: What is a bowser ?

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Anonymous said...

A Bowser is a mobile fuel tank?

GeoBlogs said...

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A bowser could be used to hold fuel, but remember some of the problems that the people of Gloucester had because of the flooding hitting a water treatment plant and electricity sub-station.

Anonymous said...

a bowser could be used to store and transport water from flooded areas.

GeoBlogs said...

They are temporary water supply containers, which were put into place when the mains water was contaminated.
What happened next of course is that (unspurprisingly) a lot of them were stolen...and more were vandalised.

There have also been warnings about cowboy builders taking advantage of the thousands of people who need a builder to carry out repair work.