Sunday, June 03, 2007

Posts ? and Google Earth...

OK, so we've had just 3 posts in the last week! 2 from Aaron and 1 from Vicki...
Where are the rest of you ?
Remember that when you return from Work Experience we will have just 3 lessons remaining before the exam, and these SHOULD be spent reviewing your preparation and getting you as prepared as we can be!

Get posting !

A bit of good news is that GOOGLE EARTH has FINALLY !!! been updated for the UK with some high resolution images of most of Norfolk.
For example, here is the image of KES taken from around 2000 feet up.

Why not visit KES yourself (PE30 2QB) and post the answers to the following questions:

1) How recent do you think the images are ?
2) What is missing from the local area around KES shown on the Google Earth images ?
3) What time of day / year do you think the pictures were taken ? (Clue: school car park, amount of traffic on roads...)

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