Friday, June 22, 2007

Final classroom lesson before exam....

Today we discussed issues relating to the questions below:

Using the Data

Resource 14

1. Look at the aims of the fieldwork. What do you think about the questions that the students asked ?

2. Do you think Friday morning in October is a good time to carry out the fieldwork (remember issue of sampling) ? Explain your answer

3. What were

a) the smallest age group sampled

b) the largest age group sampled

4. How would you ensure that the sampling was better / fairer than the method used by the students ?

5. What are the main differences between the arguments given for building at:

a) the docks

b) Longford

Resource 15

1. Read the comments made by the Gloucester residents

2. Try to summarise the type of person who prefers

a) the docks area

b) the Longford area as a place to live

3. Overall, do you think the views expressed are in favour of the docks or the Longford development ?

Resource 16

Organic Farming

1. Summarise the main differences between organic and non-organic food

2. What are the suggested benefits for the consumer ?

3. Why might organic farming be more SUSTAINABLE than non-organic ?

4. What do you think might happen to the demand for organic food in the FUTURE ?

What problems face British farmers given the changing nature of the population ?

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