Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pre Release Questions 39-40

Organic Farming
See earlier post on Organic Farming
Also check the INDEPENDENT article on Food Miles

Here's a debate at the WAITROSE site.

Q39) Read resource 16 on p.21 of the booklet.

Access a couple of websites which give information about Organic Farming.
Such as
Draw a poster / table / mindmap (I don't mind which one you use, but it has to be visual...)
The poster / table / mindmap has to EXPLAIN the following:
  • What is organic farming ?
  • Why do some people say this is more SUSTAINABLE than traditional farming ?
Q40) Imagine that non-organic farming was made ILLEGAL in the UK. What problems might this cause for consumers ?
Is organic always the best option ?

This is a complicated issue !

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