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Pre Release Questions 29 to 35: GLOUCESTER FOCUS

Gloucester Docks and the redevelopment forms the central part of the exam paper.Remember to relate this to the planned developments for King's Lynn and the docks as related by Mr. Clarke when he visited last year.
Go to the right hand side of the blog and click on the Mr. Clarke label to get the posts from his visit.

Question 29 - 35
USING Resource 6, 9 and10, plus details from the GLOUCESTER website
Write a short description of the Gloucester docks area from 1830 - 2000
Why did Gloucester docks fall into disrepair ?
What have the old dockside buildings been converted into so far ?
Who is the target audience for these developments ?
What impact do you think these developments have had on the people of Gloucester ?

Think about positive and negative points, and remember the multiplier effect.

Remember the warehouses in King's Lynn such as the Granaries - what has happened to them ?

Check out James Rye's FLICKR set of photos for some nicely atmospheric shots of King's Lynn's river frontage and buildings.

Q32) Identify 3 groups of people you think might be annoyed about the way that the dock area has changed. Who would disagree with these groups ?

You will now need to use Resources 10, 11 and 12 (on pages 14-16)

Q33) Is the Gloucester docks site a GREENFIELD or BROWNFIELD site ?
Explain your answer...

Q34) Read the following statements and sort them out into POSITIVES AND NEGATIVES.

Then decide which ones apply to GREENFIELD and which ones to BROWNFIELD sites.

Statement bank:
  1. In centre of town - close to amenities
  2. Pretty surroundings
  3. No services on site
  4. Can walk into the CBD
  5. Dangerous river and open water
  6. Dangerous busy roads
  7. Plenty of space for children to play
  8. Longer commuting distance to work
  9. Site already has services
  10. Ugly, noisy environment
  11. Difficult for young children to have places to play
  12. Pollution from previous users
  13. Cheap land on the edge of town
  14. No garden
  15. Site already clear for use
  16. Safe environment
  17. Quiet environment
  18. Cleans up an eyesore in town
  19. Apartments are expensive
  20. Government money available
Imagine you have just bought a new dockside apartment.
Write a letter to the local paper: the Gloucester Citizen, Echo or The Forester which:
  • describes the benefits of life in your new dockside apartment (8 marks)
Use the other resources to help you write the item
Add comments below of some of your other answers...

and finally, just to the SE of Gloucester is Cooper's Hill near Brockworth
This was in the news over the Bank Holiday weekend for an annual event: the famous CHEESE ROLLING. This takes place on Spring Bank Holiday Monday.
Competitors race down an incredibly steep hill chasing a DOUBLE GLOUCESTER cheese. Every year there are injuries of varying severity...
The CHEESE ROLLING page has the details of this year's winners. Here are some You Tube videos from last year's race.

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