Monday, May 28, 2007

Pre Release Questions 20 & 21

Question 20
Q20) "Gloucester is home to Britain's most inland port".
How is Gloucester linked to Britain's trading patterns in Europe, USA and the Far East ?

Gloucester is on the River Severn.
What can you find out about this river ?
What was it that made Gloucester an important port ?
Why did Gloucester decline ?
Look at the history of Gloucester - what products would have passed through the docks ?

Question 21
Q21) How far are London and Birmingham from Gloucester ?
How would goods unloaded at Gloucester docks have been transported from Gloucester to Birmingham and London in Victorian times ?

Need to use the Atlas, or perhaps a tool such as Google Earth.
Also use the GLOUCESTER DOCKS website to read about the present day tourist attractions in the area.

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