Sunday, May 27, 2007

Pre Release Question 18

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Question 18 - Uses Resource 5 - Some newspaper clippings...

Who are John Prescott and Gordon Brown ? (mentioned in the articles)
What have they done to help people buy their own homes ?
Why have KEY WORKERS been singled out for help ?
Who will support these ideas ?
Who will oppose these schemes ?
What do you think ?

"The green belt is a Labour achievement and we mean to build on it."
John Prescott, Deputy Prime Minister (attributed)

John Prescott and Gordon Brown both hold positions of power (at the moment) in the Labour party.
John Prescott has had some responsibility for overseeing the building of new houses.
There are plenty of BBC NEWS articles on the plans, such as HERE,
Also see this GREENPEACE report for an alternative view.

Well I'm one for a start. Without me, King's Lynn would grind to a halt (or something...)
John Prescott's website has now become the COMMUNITIES website.
The Pre Release booklet identifies what is meant by Key Workers.
How do you feel other people would think if teachers and nurses got help with buying a house but they didn't ?
What are your views ? Add a comment...

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