Wednesday, May 02, 2007


1. Take out your PRE RELEASE BOOKLET.
2. Look at page. 4

This looks at what are called KEY WORKERS !

Who are KEY WORKERS ??




Social workers

Health care assistants

Support workers


Other staff who play a crucial role in the social services sector.

Why do you think people with these jobs are known as key workers ?
Do you think they should be treated differently when it comes to buying a house ?

Here are some sample questions from the booklet:

43. What do you think Svalbard will be like in the future ?

44. Name one city in Svalbard which you have looked at. What is life like for people in this place ? How do people in this place make a living ? How is their way of life affected by the physical environment ?

45. How is the way of life of people in Svalbard being affected by changes from outside ? What aspects of life in Svalbard are threatened by change ?

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