Thursday, May 03, 2007

EMail Britain

An interesting MY PLACE style idea thanks to Stephen Schwab from
The British Library is building up an email portrait of Britain.,
Why not get involved and send them one of the e-mails you've got in your inbox which comes under one of the categories:
  1. Blunders – embarrassing revelations, a case of mistaken identity etc
  2. Life changers - job offers, marriage proposals etc
  3. Complaints – public transport, poor customer service etc
  4. Spam – the best (or worst) spam emails received
  5. Love and romance – romantic emails which tugged at the heartstrings
  6. Humorous emails –funny forwards, office banter, jokes etc
  7. Everyday emails – exchanging recipes, organising nights out etc
  8. News – good and bad news, births, illness, accidents etc
  9. World around you – emails/views on topical events, news from around the world etc
  10. Tales from abroad –long distance emails from far flung places
Why not send one in - I just have !

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