Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Comic Life Beta Released for PC

Comic Life Beta for PC

This has been available on Mac for a while, and is now released for PC.
Download it from PLASQ site HERE.
I downloaded it yesterday, and if I had the time I'd be spending the whole day rewriting task sheets as comic format. Will perhaps try a few of the more popular ones and see how they are received.As you can see, the page has a series of sections. A blank page to start with. You then drag in a template with the frames, which can be moved. Add some images as the background, speech bubbles, shapes and some groovy text type shapes which can be changed and customised from a wide range of options. Do a search on Comic Life to find lots of examples that people have made for some design ideas.

I'll be making use of this over the next 6 weeks for sure...

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