Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Questionnaire ideas

We need to be exploring the ideas of:
Uneven Development

So key ideas to explore:

  • Why do people buy what they do ?
  • Do people consider the consequences of their choices for other people ?
  • What about the organic / non-organic debate ?
  • Do people consider how the way they get to the shops impacts on the environment ?
  • Do people use online shopping ? What are the pros and cons of this ?
  • What about particular items which have an environmental impact ?
  • Are people swayed by advertising ?
Now turn these into questions: some CLOSED (yes / no answers), some OPEN (What do you think about ..... ?)

We need to think about how we are going to SAMPLE so that we get some Year 7 through to Year 13...

More on this on Friday...

In the meantime, you MUST go and read TONY CASSIDY's recent posts on shops and out of town shopping centres...

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