Sunday, April 01, 2007

Geography: Art and Music

Just watching “The Culture Show” while digesting the rather yummy vegetarian sausage casserole I made earlier.

Washed down with a glass of Adnams Broadside, which according to the label on the neck is the lightest 500ml bottle in the UK as it uses the least glass.

Watching feature on Andy Goldsworthy: has an exhibition which opens today at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park:

Watch him work here.

Art and Geography combining, as he uses natural materials, and explores ideas of recycling and decay. Plan to call in next week on the way up to Yorkshire.

Also a nice feature on the musician Damon Gough, also known as Badly Drawn Boy. Has a new album: “Born in the UK” which explores themes of identity and what it means to be British, and growing up in the 1970’s. He is doing a concert tour of fish and chip shops.

In the interview, he gave some good quotes which are relevant to MY PLACE:

“People think I’m being patriotic, but ....this is all I’ve got, this is the card I was dealt, no one chooses their birthplace."
"In my lifetime, Englishness has changed"

"You didn’t choose to be born where you were born but why do we become obsessed with the identity that it gives you…"

Did a tour of fish and chip shops

"Fish and chips represent tradition. For me Friday nights growing up was always chippy night…Family values

Worth ethic, all that kind of thing..."

"In the times we’re living in, certain things are in danger of being forgotten"

Searched out a few of the songs and their lyrics. Here are the lyrics for Born in the UK.

Buy a copy from Amazon

Where were you in Seventy Six
The long hot summer
You wanna be a rebel
Then turn your hosepipes on
With two years to wait
For the sound of Jilted John

Virginia Wade was winning our hearts
She made us want to live
Vicious and his brothers
Were trying to set us free
But much more than this to you and me
This was the Silver Jubilee

We made something out of nothing
A sense of loathing and belonging

Some of us were gonna be rich
With the Iron Lady
Lennon's gone already
Let's post the boys to war
Oh mother, what're you worrying for
It's somewhere he's not been before

Then you see the Union Jack
And it means nothing
But somehow you know
That you will find your own way
It's a small reminder every day
That I was born in the U.K.

If you object to your lyrics being here Damon, please get in touch…

Nice mention of Jilted John there….

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