Monday, April 16, 2007

Back to School....

Those three little words we all love to hear...

OK, so you should hopefully have been collecting some questionnaire responses on shopping and consumer trends.
I was in school today and the computers are working again, although I haven't tried all of your student logins of course so anything could still happen, but I'm confident that this week we can finish off the second piece of coursework ready for the third to start next week. It's important that you come prepared to plan the FUTURE for King's Lynn which is not the 'obvious ideas' - be creative but realistic...

We are going to be receiving the pre-release booklet towards the end of the month I understand.

GLOBALISATION is one of our key topics in Geography - remember FUGIS ? - can you still define them all ?

An online colleague: Mr Chambers has let me know about a new site as part of the BBC WORLD SERVICE
Image: Copyright BBC World Service

This has some great resources and links and is well worth exploring - in other words, LOOK AT IT !!!

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