Sunday, April 22, 2007

Art and Landscape

Quick post to break the monotony of marking and other stuff... Did you know it was Earth Day today ? Here's GOOGLE's special logo for the day.

We have been looking at the idea of PLACE. I like the way that different artists are inspired by place, and represent it in different ways. I'd like to share a few recent links with you. Some of you will know that my wife is an artist and teacher, so I've always had an interest in the merging of Geography and the creative arts.

First of all, when I went to Aldeburgh and Southwold recently, I came across the art of DAVID KIRK, who has a wonderful style and has produced some very tasteful prints of SOUTHWOLD and ALDEBURGH, one of which is currently my laptop desktop as you may have seen.

Also a new exhibition forthcoming of DAVID HOCKNEY paintings. Hockney is a great artist, and his new paintings are a homecoming to his native Yorkshire (which is my home county too....) particularly East Yorkshire. The image below is of WOLDGATE WOODS, and is over 12 feet across, painted on separate panels and joined together.

Also check out the work of ANDY GOLDSWORTHY. Family went to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park near Wakefield over Easter to see his latest works, particularly a curtain made of chestnut twigs.
This TIME article makes the connections nicely between art and landscape.

Get out there and broaden your horizons !!

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