Saturday, March 31, 2007

TNCs thanks to Tony

By popular request (well OK, someone asked me to) here are the slides we used when we investigated Premier Foods.
Thanks to Tony Cassidy, who produced the original slides which I skilfully adapted (i.e. removed all references to Ilkeston...) - thanks Tony, hope to see you next week !


Tony Cassidy said...

I thought mine were a bit more colourful! No problem at all.

Might visit Derby, but haven't applied to attend the conference, so might just come and look at the stalls!

If any of your students would like to comment on the revision assessment, I would be greatful, otherwise Peter wins with his one vote by you!

I'll be preparing some work on shopping, British issues and scale, which might be useful to you over the hols.

GeoBlogs said...

Thanks Tony.
We used the slides as the basis for some interesting discussions - the ones on immigration were even more interesting!
Just started Andrew Simms' 'Tescopoly' which is very interesting stuff... Good for People as Consumers - I'm quite into the idea of Landscapes of Consumption at the moment.
Hope to see you Friday afternoon and eve in Derby ?
I'll try and make a CD of the various resources I've put together and bring it along.
Still think we should have a Cultural Geography day sometime!