Tuesday, March 20, 2007

TNCs and Norfolk Foods

Remember the task for Friday / next week for Mrs. Clarke's group...
Benefits and drawbacks of the host country of 'allowing' Multinational companies to operate in them.

Also try to find some Norfolk brands and products...
I suggested that there is a good link with Bernard Matthews.
The Bernard Matthews story began back in 1950 with one man, 20 turkey eggs and a second hand incubator. Today the company is global, with an annual turnover of over £400 million and employing around 7,000 people worldwide.

By 1952, Bernard Matthews was producing 3000 turkey eggs at his Norfolk home and decided to leave his insurance job and move into turkey farming full-time. Three years later he bought a derelict mansion and 36 acres of land. Great Witchingham Hall, near Norwich, now restored to its former glory, remains the headquarters of the company today.

Ten years after its start-up, the Bernard Matthews company had become the biggest, most successful turkey manufacturer in Europe, a record the company still holds today.

Bernard Matthews today farms 8 million turkeys every year in the UK, feeding them a strictly vegetarian diet from the company's own feed mills and rearing them on 57 farms throughout Norfolk, Suffolk and Lincolnshire. The company prides itself on creating healthy, high quality turkeys, maintaining the highest standards of agriculture and bird welfare.

Information from http://www.bernardmatthews.com

Can you find other Norfolk foods / products ? I told you about a few YORKSHIRE-based companies and products - every region has them.

Here are some suggestions:

The rather nice logo below is for a group called PRODUCED IN NORFOLK. Check out the local producers. Click the logo to visit the site...