Monday, March 19, 2007

Photo Competition

Found a calendar in my pigeon hole today, and details of a PHOTO COMPETITION which you could have a go at !
The calendar is produced by the Wash Estuary Strategy Group who I have featured on the blog before. They are after images of the WASH.
I have entry forms for you if you want to know more details, but basically:
"The image should relate to/be inspired by the heritage of the Wash. Topics can include for example, wildlife, landscape, historic / cultural buildings, farmers and fishermen at work, local scenes such as people enjoying traditional festivals / fetes /activities."

So get your camera out and make it snappy... The deadline for entries is the 11th of May. See me for more details...

Also check out COUNTRYFILE website, as this weekend they featured THE FENS heavily, and lots on the nature of the landscape in places such as Wicken Fen, which some of you may have visited in Year 8, and Ely.

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