Monday, March 19, 2007

No computers again ! Not so souper...

Why a tin of soup ? All will be revealed !

Well, we're now into the 3rd week with computer issues... This is beginning to have a slight impact on coursework, so we're going to need to work extra hard when they're back working again. Of course, that doesn't stop those of you with Internet access and a computer at home from getting on with it !

Today, Mrs. Clarke used the maps with you to explore local changes and come up with some plans. Lessons were disrupted again, this time by the Study support sessions - we will be looking for you to put what you have learned into practice !!

We still need to do a few extra bits on the links between the UK and the rest of the world, and also some more bits on our place, and we're going to do that this week.

The picture clues in the last post were so hard I didn't expect anyone to get the answer right, but it was worth a go. Let's start with BRANSTON BEANS. They are one of the fastest growing brands on the market thanks to their catchy advertising campaign (or is it their taste ?)
Many people have what is called a BRAND LOYALTY to certain brands: they will only buy them, and think that other brands (particularly some of the supermarket own brands are inferior)For many people, Beanz Meanz Heinz...
They even get fan mail

Branston Beans are one of the many brands owned by PREMIER FOODS. They are one of the largest food companies in the world, and have larger operations in the UK than companies such as Nestle.
In August 2006, Premier Foods bought Campbells.
The Campbells Tower in King's Lynn is one of the most famous buildings in the town, and the Campbell's brand one of the most iconic, thanks to the art prints by Andy Warhol (don't say you've never heard of him!)This rather nice pic by FLICKR USER Jane Goth - for which many thanks - let you know if you object to your image being used...

Just months after that, it was announced that the Campbells factory will close before the end of the year, with the loss of around 245 jobs!
Read about the takeover and subsequent closure in this LYNN NEWS ARTICLE.
(You had a copy given to you in the lesson)

The decision was apparently to cut COSTS.
We will be exploring the issues, with the aid of some useful materials adapted from Tony Cassidy.

We will also be doing more about the issue in THIS STORY as well.

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