Friday, March 02, 2007

Mr. Clarke's Visit - 2nd March

Mr. Clarke came in to speak to my group today, and we went through the ideas about the planning of King's Lynn.
He went through the past, present and future of planning for the town, and then answered questions about the decisions to be made. He also said he'd try and do something about Brent's overgrown mud ramps...

The key slides from the presentation are now here so that you can see them again in your own time. This will be added to.

Thanks for the courtesy and attention that you showed Mr. Clarke during his visit. It was also good to hear you thanking Mr. Clarke for his time.
If you have any questions for Mr. Clarke either pass them to me, or add a comment below and that will get to me too.
By the time you've gone through the slides, you'll be able to understand the diagram above.


Brent said...

mr p. have you got a reply from mr Clarke refering to the quetion i asked on friday after the lesson?

GeoBlogs said...

Not yet. I'll ask Mrs. Clarke today if I get a moment.