Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Do we have a problem with wind ?

Sorry for the obvious 'wind' joke...

Wind Energy is a feature which ties us with the rest of the UK and the World.
The UK is the windiest country in Europe, which means it has a lot of potential energy to be harvested.

We have some turbines already in Swaffham, including the ones at the Ecotech Centre, and also Scroby Sands.

We will be exploring the links that we have in the area with wind power in terms of: links with air masses, manufacturing of turbines etc.

In the Lynn News tonight there are several stories relating to proposed turbines, and the potential impact on the landscape.
One of these has a link to the FENS which we looked at earlier in this section, when we considered local physical landscapes.

Useful websites:
1) An EDP MINISITE on the reasons why Norfolk and Suffolk make good locations for turbines. (EDP is the Eastern Daily Press: a local newspaper)
2) ECOTRICITY projects: including Swaffham, and also the Michelin factory in Dundee
3) SCROBY SANDS near Great Yarmouth
4) YES2WIND: site in association with Greenpeace, WWF and Friends of the Earth supporting the development of wind power
5) An example of a site OPPOSING WIND POWER SCHEMES
This has lots of additional links

And don't forget GEOGRAPHYPAGES of course.

And the image at the top is taken by me of a windfarm near Penistone just up the road from where a friend of mine used to live. Good mountain-biking territory !

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