Saturday, March 31, 2007


As you'll know, we've not had access to the network at school for over 3 weeks now.
However, I've been able, thanks to Mr. McLean to access the server and get the work off: particularly the maps which form part of the 2nd piece of coursework for some of you. I have managed to get the work of those people who asked for me to do it in the final lesson of the term. If you have work which you want me to get off for you, please e-mail and I'll possibly be able to get the work for you.
If you do that promptly I'll get that to you during the first week of the holiday as I can go into school and do that for you...


Anonymous said...

aaron says: hi sir hopr your having a good holiday, my email address is

Anonymous said...

aaron: hi sir, have you managed to get the coursework off of the school network yet as its the end of the holidays now.(15/4/07)