Monday, March 26, 2007

Computer problems and letter home...

Just a reminder of contents of today's letter:
  • Exam is on June 28th
  • Pre-release booklet will arrive in school shortly
  • We will be setting you some coursework data collection to do over the half term - very important that this is done so that we can get cracking when we return on 3rd piece of coursework
  • Computer problems causing issues for the 2nd piece of coursework - I will see what the exam board say, but they are unlikely to change the deadline - we will need to change the final piece of coursework and cover the work slightly differently to what I had planned...
  • Work Experience is just 2 weeks before the exam, so you will need to spend the slack time when you are off school REVISING !! Remember that this is vital if you are to reach your target grade
  • Remember to check this weblog and all the materials on the website for more depth
  • Remember the e-mail contact or the ability to add a comment, particularly during any times when you are not at school
  • You must keep up the momentum on this coursework - it's important that we get this completed as much as possible over half term
  • Remember that we can then RELAX in the final 2 weeks of term, but ONLY once the exam and coursework issues are out of the way...

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