Thursday, March 29, 2007


Here is a reminder of the assessment you had recently, just to help with your revision, and for any other schools doing the pilot....



Write your answers in the spaces provided – you have 30 minutes.

1. Explain, using evidence, why Svalbard is a good example of an extreme environment (4 marks)

2. Explain how physical processes have shaped the landscape on Svalbard. You may use a diagram to illustrate your answer (6 marks)

3. What is meant by the geographical term “Sustainability” (2 marks)

4. How have people made use of the extreme environment on Svalbard ? Use examples to support your answer, and think about the opportunities as well as the challenges (4 marks)

5. Suggest ways in which you think Svalbard might change significantly in the future (4 marks)

6. Suggest how the way in which Svalbard has been portrayed in the media (writings, photographs, film) has changed over the years (3 marks)

7. Although Svalbard is a remote place, it is not disconnected from the world. Define the meaning of the geographical term “interdependence” (2 marks)



If you finish before the time is up, go on to this: it will prove that you are perhaps capable of going for a higher tier of exam paper.

1. Imagine that you were going to carry out a fieldwork investigation in King’s Lynn looking at the possible changes that might happen in the town in the future.

How would you carry out the fieldwork ?

What techniques would you use to collect data ?

How would you present the data ?

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