Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Work for 20th February

Morning class !
Apologies for my absence but both my children have a virus, and I think it's just got me...

1. Read the last 4 or 5 postings since the start of half term. They will tell you a little bit about what we have been up to and what we are going to do next.

2. Go to the BBC CITIZENSHIP test page.
Once you get your score out of 14, post a COMMENT with your score - be truthful - let me know how many out of 14 you got (I scored 8 the first time I did the test). Post using your first name, or nickname only...
I shall be checking the weblog, thanks to wireless broadband, between 8.45 and 9.45 to check that you are doing it !

3. We are then going to be starting some planning for the next piece of coursework. This is adapted from work done by Paula Cooper: a teacher and her colleagues at a school in Birmingham.
Here is the starting point for you to read:

Geography Pilot GCSE Coursework Part 2

Sustainability and a possible future for your local area

Your task is to redesign part of your local area in King’s Lynn to make it a more sustainable urban area and enact Local Agenda 21. You should aim to
improve life for people in the area.

You must produce an annotated overlay map and a brief supporting report to present and justify your design

The map

Demonstrate your ideas by producing an overlay map to show the key changes you would make.

  • Your overlay map should show three to five key changes. The changes must be linked and work together (integrated), they may be radical but realistic.
  • You may show these changes using shading and symbols (so remember a key!).

The map must be annotated to describe and briefly justify the changes you propose.

The report

Write a 500 word report to support and fully justify your proposals. You should aim to develop the points you made in the annotation in more detail (but don’t simply repeat).

For each point you need to explain why you chose it for this area, and explain why it is sustainable.

This means that you need to know about something called AGENDA 21.

Start by looking up AGENDA 21 on Google, and exploring the WIKIPEDIA and other definitions. What is AGENDA 21 - what does the 21 bit relate to ? When was Agenda 21 produced ??

Check out the ideas that are at DERBYSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL's website for how Agenda 21 could be applied in a local area.

Also see what King's Lynn Borough Council are doing.
This is just the preliminary stages of the work at the moment...

4. Choose an area of King's Lynn that you know, and obtain a map for that area.

You could use one of various mapping services online, such as the Ordnance Survey's GET A MAP service.

© Crown Copyright 2007


Image produced from Ordnance Survey's Get-a-map service.
Image reproduced with permission of Ordnance Survey and
Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.

You need to have an area selected. Produce a map, then paste the map as an image into the centre of a WORD or PUBLISHER document, and add arrows and handwritten labels suggesting the changes that you could make to the area to improve it, and make it SUSTAINABLE. If we take an example from the Derbyshire page...

Try to cut down your rubbish to one bin bag a week. Take any newspapers, magazines, junk mail, glass bottles, aluminium, unwanted clothing and books to recycling centres. You will find them at most supermarkets and some car parks.

So one way to improve your area would be to make sure that there was a recycling centre in the area - where would you put it ? What problems might you have in finding a site ?
Think this through !!

We will explore what you have done on Thursday...
Start promptly and behave appropriately !!

REMINDER: EXAM is on June 28th !!


chantelle said...

i got 5 out of 14

Anonymous said...

i scored 9 out of 14 on the citizenship test. Vicki

daniel stinton said...

You got 10 right!
0-5: Seat in Heathrow arrivals.... 6-10: Seat on the district council......11-13: Seat in Parliament.....14: Seat on the throne

Matthew Fysh said...

I got 6 out of 14 lol

Aaron said...

I got 8/14 :):):)

jade perkins said...

i got 7 lol not very gd :( i only guessed em all tho lol :P

daniel stinton said...

on my second go on the bbc citizenship i got You got 14 right!
0-5: Seat in Heathrow arrivals.... 6-10: Seat on the district council......11-13: Seat in Parliament.....14: Seat on the throne

me said...

lol i got 7 i guessed them alll

haha said...

lol i got 8 :D i guessed um tho :P

jasmine said...

i got 6 out of 14

Brent said...

i got 12/14 beat that! honestly it was my first go

Leonie said...

I got 7/14

jess said...


GeoBlogs said...
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GeoBlogs said...

Some good scores there - well done!
OK, now you need to move on to the next task if you haven't already done that...
Mister P

GeoBlogs said...

Is Mr. Dolan there - how many did he score ?
Who is haha ? - please repost with your proper first name.
Mister P

RoZeY said...

all of the right lol.
i wish i could do that tho withoput geussin,

gemma said...

yes mr dolan was here but he only spoke to holly and claire then he toddled off somewhere xxx

Anonymous said...

i got 11 gd 4 my 1st go ;)

james horn said...

hi sir i got 8-14 on th e question

sausage said...

hi mr p how u doin lol ;)

GeoBlogs said...

Hi Sausage
I've been better!
Glad to see Mr. Dolan was there and doing what I asked him to do via e-mail.
Have a good day !
Mister P