Thursday, February 01, 2007

Selling a house...

'Chesterfield 1 Chester 1 - another score draw in the local derby' - DES LYNAM

Just read the first couple of chapters of Stuart Maconie's "Pies and Prejudice" and it's off to a good start. It's about impressions that people have of the North (and also the South...) and has some good quotes. I like the one from Doctor Who.

We're going to be trying to give a positive impression of the South today: South Lynn that is, and in particular the new Millennium Community.
Mr. Clarke will be coming in after half term now which gives us a chance to get cracking on the design of our questionnaire for the data collection for our coursework.
Before then, though, we are going to try to sell a house in the South Lynn development. You will be given some estate agents publicity materials (blank) which we got when a local estate agent changed all its publicity materials.
You are going to be playing the role of estate agents, but instead of selling it the usual way, you will only manage to sell the property if you can convince buyers of its ECO FRIENDLY and SUSTAINABLE credentials.

You will need to ensure that you refer to, and define the following terms in your estate agents promotional materials.

Multiple Deprivation Lacking in many opportunities, which leads to a poor quality of life. This could include lack of employment opportunities.
Millennium Community
What does this mean ?
Urban regeneration The redevelopment of an area such as an inner city zone. It may include environmental, socio-cultural and economic improvements.
Deindustrialisation The decline of industry, which may be as a result of globalisation.
Brownfield site A site which has been previously been built on and which is restored for further use.

Your details need to have:
  • a sketch (not an artist's impression) based on a picture of the community - I will put some up on the board
  • details on the construction of the building
  • details on the energy efficiency
  • details on the house within the context of the whole NORA development - put the house in the context of the surroundings, which are also designed to be SUSTAINABLE.
And the good news for Mrs. Clarke, Tony has finally moved on to MY PLACE. You can check out some My Place ideas over on his blog soon.

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