Saturday, February 10, 2007

Half Term Tasks

OK, so we've made it through to half term, and can now take stock of where we've got to so far.
We have explored quite a lot of the MY PLACE unit, which explores ideas of BRITISHNESS, and then the links that King's Lynn and East Anglia have with other parts of the world.

It's worth checking out the GeographyPages page for more on what we need to do, and I also recommend checking out Tony Cassidy's weblog, where he has done a similar task to the one I'll include in the next post.

You need to know the meanings of these terms too....
Multiple Deprivation Lacking in many opportunities, which leads to a poor quality of life. This could include lack of employment opportunities.
Catchment Area The area from which the school students come.
Urban regeneration The redevelopment of an area such as an inner city zone. It may include environmental, socio-cultural and economic improvements.
Deindustrialisation The decline of industry, which may be as a result of globalisation.
Brownfield site A site which has been previously been built on and which is restored for further use.

It's really important that you remember the definitions of each of the 5 terms that make up FUGIS. To help you, I've included the pictures again below. Make sure that you can define these.

Can I also give you a little reminder about the EXAM DATE on a Valentine's Day theme. - Create custom images

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