Sunday, February 25, 2007

GCSE Pilot Teachers Day

Coming up on March 20th is the next INSET day for new schools who started the Pilot this year, and will be teaching it to Year 11 students for the first time next year.
Mrs. Clarke and I will be going (another early train from Peterborough !) and we'll be meeting up with Mr. Cassidy again, whose blog we have been following.
The session is at the University of Aston, where my brother and sister both got their engineering degrees.
But here's the interesting bit.
When I got my details, down for the final session is.... ME !?
So I might be doing something - not sure what yet.

If you teach the pilot and use this weblog with your students or for your own planning, please add a COMMENT to this post to tell me a bit about what you've found useful about the weblog or the materials on GeographyPages, and what sort of things you could do in a similar vein - do you use weblogs or ICT in creative ways with your Pilot GCSE groups ? Tell me.... please...

I can then use a flavour of the comments in any presentation which I may (or may not) deliver (or not deliver) depending on what happens between now and then. I shall see you on the 20th of March anyway - come and say hello... I'll try and wear my GGiP T-Shirt and will bring some GeographyPages pens for the first 20 colleagues who add a comment.

Also some news for those KES STUDENTS who want to 'push' youself a little when you read around the subjects. The school now has access to an online archive of articles from the NEW SCIENTIST magazine from the last 15 years. Ask me or other members of the Geography department for the User Name and Password....


Tony Cassidy said...

I want that free pen! Here's my quote.

'For me it has been really useful to follow what another colleague is doing in a different school, it has allowed an exchange of ideas and perspectives, which has helped enhance our own teaching of the course.'

'It would be nice for other Pilot schools to blog, so we can see and benefit from, the so far, hidden conversations of others.'

It's mine!

GeoBlogs said...

You can have any colour ink you like Tony as long as it's black...
Look forward to seeing you again !
Are you up for a Cultural collaboration for Year 11 ?