Monday, February 19, 2007

Britishness and beyond...

OK, so we're back from half term, and it's time to get down to business.
We will be having our long promised visitors shortly, but need to get down to business on the 2nd piece of coursework. Once again we will be adapting the fine work of colleagues Paula Cooper and the Geography Department at King Edward VI 5 Ways school in Birmingham.
This will be a combination of several sections we have been building up to:

  • local sustainable communities (and AGENDA 21)
  • ideas of deprivation and improvement
  • primary data collection from people about their views on King's Lynn (questionnaires)
  • planning for the future
We are going to be using a few resources which have been very kindly provided by Tony Cassidy to just recap "the story so far". We've had quite a journey since the start of the course, and I still hope that we'll get a few more comments on the blog to convince me that you're reading it and getting all the available help from it...Tony's resources will remind us of what it means to be British, and there are some great fun elements to the powerpoint which I know you will enjoy. Thanks for these Tony!

We will then be moving on to look at AGENDA 21, ready to fire some probing questions at our visitor....

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