Friday, February 23, 2007

Agenda 21

We were continuing with the coursework today.
A virtual colleague: Dr. Hitch, put me onto a great resource which summarises the stages involved in a community achieving Agenda 21
It's produced by Angus Council, and if you click the blue link you'll start the download of an 18 page PDF document which goes through the meaning of Agenda 21, and the 13 points that must be met by Agenda 21
I had a look for some other useful sites for you:

  1. The SPACE SHOOT project is a nice idea based around a photographic survey of Hammersmith and Fulham looking at what people liked and didn't like.
I liked the EDEN LA21 project too. This is based in Cumbria.Remember that there are a range of things which local communities should be doing and you
need to be mapping these...

There is also some information to come soon from Mrs. Clarke, who went down to London today with Mr. Dolan to get some training for a new web based piece of software we are going to have access to at KES thanks to some work that I have been doing as part of a Government funded project. The software is called INFOMAPPER.
Visit the website by clicking the link and check it out.

We also have some funding to take a group of students over to Cley Beach for a day on the coast looking at coastal management. We will mainly be taking students from the other course, but there will be a few opportunities for Pilot students to be involved. More on this next week.

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