Sunday, February 11, 2007

200th post...

I've been reading a lot about LANDSCAPE for a project I'm involved in, and have been revisiting the poetry of Simon Armitage, who also wrote the excellent "All Points North" and visited Iceland too. He also studied Geography at University.
This quote from an interview published in The Independent caught my eye, regarding Armitage:

He is open to the notion of landscape, if not lineage, as an element in the Northerner's vision: "If you live in that part of the world, especially the moors, the peak district, it is an epic geography, and when you're up there, on your own, scale becomes skewed and you are open to what seem like huge forces. It's as if the cosmos is blowing through those hills sometimes." A triumvirate is beginning to emerge: dissent, communication and geography. These are Armitage's master themes.

So what impact does your local landscape have on you ?

Thanks for reading the blog. This was my 200th post and there's (hopefully) lots more to come.

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