Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Reducing your Footprint

I wasn't really happy with the involvement today...
You need to keep your focus when in the ICT rooms. There are too many distractions for some of you, but there is also no time to waste !
We were extending the idea of sustainability and using the BP Carbon Footprint calculator to see whether you produced more or less carbon than the national average of 9.85 tonnes per year.
Those of you who did a lot of travelling found that this very quickly increases your footprint...

You will need to look at the CLIMATE CRISIS site and get some ideas for how to
The 10 steps from Al Gore's film are a good place to start.
The Millennium development in South Lynn (more on this next lesson) has a series of houses which are aimed at being SUSTAINABLE: the 2 free bikes with each house for example.

For more on Ecological homes, you can look at the site of the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION.You could take a look at the BedZED scheme.
Picture by Paul Miller, copyright free, taken from WIKIPEDIA

Another good place to visit is the ECOHOUSE in Leicester, which I visited at some time in the early 1990s, just after it had opened. It costs £2 per adult and £1 per child, and is probably worth a visit if you're in the area.

Also visit the GROWN UP GREEN website for more in this area.

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