Sunday, January 28, 2007

People as Consumers

Good quote by Eric Shlosser, who wrote 'Fast Food Nation': which is due to come out as a film in March, about Fast Food, and its effects on people.

"I think there are limits as to how far shopping can change the world, and I never tell people what to think. But what I would say is: open your eyes. Don't lead a life that's unexamined. Realise that how you spend your money has a ripple effect. If you eat or shop in a certain place, that's like a vote - a vote for what they're doing. You're supporting that business. So be conscious and informed and give your money to the people who are doing things the right way. Open your eyes...."

Are your eyes open ?

Plenty of resources HERE.

And don't forget the FAST FOOD ROCKERS song which we'll be hearing nearer the time. Time for you to get in some practice so that you know the actions !

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