Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Let's get Physical !

Time for some Physical Geography.
We are going to be doing some mapskills in the next few weeks, so get out your FREE O.S maps that you had back in Year 7 - assuming you can find them. A pity that one of you said you'd never looked at it...

We have a choice of landscape: THE WASH, or THE FENS.
Both of them are on our doorstep and yet we don't know a lot about them.
Remember that there is a link here to a story which I was surprised you didn't know much about: the Antarctic explorations of Robert Falcon Scott: Scott of the Antarctic.
I suggest you read this Wikipedia article as a starting point.

Mr. Cassidy's group has been exploring the Antarctic as their Extreme Environment, and could probably tell you more about the perils of sastrugi...

Remember that there is a link here to the WASH, because Peter Scott, Robert Falcon Scott's son lived for a time in the lighthouse close to Sutton Bridge. He was a founder and the first chairman of the WWF (not the Wrestling foundation....) There is a PETER SCOTT WALK which begins, or ends, in King's Lynn - it is described in the book pictured below which you can get from the Tourist Information Centre, or the local library (which is where I got my copy....)
Captain Scott was in the news last week because the letter that he wrote as he lay dying in his tent is to be displayed from this week for the first time ever at the Scott Polar Research Institute in Cambridge. This is a great place to visit, and I last went there last year for a SHACKLETON exhibition.

More history ?

In 1216, King John’s treasures were said to have been lost to the Wash. The King ordered his baggage train to take the shortest route via The Welle Stream (near the present Sutton Bridge) but the long and slow-moving train of carts and wagons was beaten by the tide.
Wonder if any of it will ever be found ?

The King John Cup is one of the treasures on display in King's Lynn.

Need to find out about: Estuaries, how is the Wash used ? - RSPB, MOD, Tourism, Fishing, Sailing and Watersports
What happens when the tide goes out ?

Where is the lowest point on the Fens ? How far below sea level is it ?
Why not take a trip to the lowest point ?

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