Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Future for King's Lynn

Here is the latest work that we need to do to get ready for the coursework task, which will be started once we have our visit from Mr. Clarke (and the developers of the South Lynn Millennium village)
It uses the publicity material from the show flat in South Lynn which I had a look round last week (see pictures on earlier posting)


• Read the booklet you will be issued with (needs to be handed in at the end of the lesson) – these were collected from the show home which is now open on Saddlebow Road.

• Answer questions in your book (or in Word and print out) using the information in the booklets.

a) Where is the Millennium Community located ?
b) What features do the new houses have that make them ENERGY EFFICIENT ? (quote at least 3 figures from p.6 in your answer)
c) What is meant by an ‘A-rated electrical appliance’ ?
d) What is NORA ?
e) What is planned for the NORA development other than the new housing ?
f) What is the aim of the Millennium communities ?

We are going to do some data collection on what YOUNG PEOPLE think about King’s Lynn and how it should change in the future.

Start (or continue) planning a questionnaire to use to find out the views of young people on what they think about the town, and how they would like to see it change.
Include a variety of CLOSED (i.e. yes/no) and OPEN questions

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