Monday, January 08, 2007

The Fens and Futures....


Remember that this is another key issue for the Pilot GCSE Geography course, following on from Sustainability last time.

It is also an important way of looking at issues facing us today. What are going to be the future outcomes of the things we do today ?

There are various possible futures, and I have produced a sheet in an attempt to visualise them, so that pupils could appreciate a little more about what I was going on about. It suggests that there are 4 futures (of course there may be others, but the model is an attempt to simplify the potential routes that we can take through the future): Rollercoaster, Dice Roll, River or Ocean futures.

THE FENS (Continued)

We looked at the start of this idea in a previous posting.

Check out the WIKIPEDIA article on this area. - includes a good panorama of the landscape - some maps that you can view of the Fens drainage system


It’ll all come out in the Wash

As well as the FENS we are going to be exploring this area, which is also on our doorstep and has helped shaped the character of the area. It has historically been a barrier to expansion. Try getting a train to a destination North of King’s Lynn and you’ll find yourself heading South !

For some years, there has been a group called the WASH ESTUARY STRATEGY GROUP, who publish a newsletter called “The Tide and Times of the Wash”. It is worth getting hold of this publication.

12% of the area of England drains into the Wash. More to come as we get into the new term

“Maps are a way of organising wonder” Peter Steinhart

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