Monday, January 22, 2007

Cover work for Mrs. Clarke - Monday 22nd January

Mrs. Clarke is unfortunately away ill today.
Here is the work...

Work for CMC – P.5 – Monday 22nd January

Pilot GCSE Geography

Take a look at the website for the Millennium Community in South Lynn and make sure you have finished off explaining what it is about this development that makes it SUSTAINABLE and how it is looking to the FUTURE.

Mr. Clarke is coming in on Thursday and it would help if you could have some questions ready which are related to the theme of:
• What is the future for King’s Lynn ?
• What has been provided for young people in King’s Lynn ?
• What would you like to see provided in the future ?
• What is being a planner like ?


Continue with your work on THE FENS which you started last week – this needs to be related particularly to the Physical Geography of the Fens, and the way in which people have altered the landscape, referring to particular people.

For more details on this see the postings on the KES PILOT blog

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