Friday, January 26, 2007

Breen and gone...

OK, so this week we've been looking at some past paper questions.
Remember that you will have one exam in June this year. It will last for 1 hour and 30 minutes and carry a total of 100 marks. There will be questions relating to various aspects of the course, with a concentration on one particular theme.
You will have a pre-release booklet which we will go through in advance of the exam.
The questions we had today needed you to remember the following things - if you found this difficult you need to go back to your Cape Farewell packs and do some more research, at sites such as THIS ONE:
  1. Which extreme environment have we studied and what makes it 'extreme' ?
  2. What landforms are created in this extreme environment ?
  3. What processes operate in this extreme environment - make sure that you can remember the processes carried out by glaciers - be specific !?
  4. Which resources did we use to explore these environments ?
  5. What were the reasons for using the resources that we did ?
  6. How does this place compare to MY PLACE
  7. How do people make use of this extreme environment ?
(Remember what Brent said about "freeze thaw". This is a PROCESS not a LANDFORM)

So why BREEN in the title ?
Well, glaciers in Svalbard are usually called names ending in BREEN. You should ensure that you can name at least one (and ideally locate it in relation to a town such as Longyearbyen)
Here are some that you could investigate further:
  1. Archibald Geikebreen
  2. Linnebreen
  3. Skobreen
  4. Tunabreen
  5. Bakaninbreen
  6. Larsbreen
  7. Longyearbreen
  8. Wibebreen
You can see these and many others in a wonderful gallery of photos I came across at a site called POLARFOTO. This has a gallery by Hinrich Basemann which has LOADS OF SVALBARD PHOTOS.

Thanks to Pete from Barking in London, who sent me some great My Place resources today which you will probably get to see in a form adapted to King's Lynn some time soon.

Today I went over to the Millennium Village in South Lynn to take some pictures. I will add some of them over the weekend in a gallery. The development is likely to take as long as 10 years to fully complete, and the first few houses are completed and looking good. I also discovered that one of the members of staff at KES has bought one of the flats. I had a look round the show flat, which was very impressive. If I was 10 years younger and had no kids I'd probably be very interested in buying one!

Today I also said goodbye to our Chinese visitors. They were very impressed with the Google Earth and Interactive Whiteboard which I showed them, and I hope to see them again in China some time. I'll send you a postcard...

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