Sunday, January 14, 2007

100 Mile Diet

Just been reading about this interesting site, based in the USA.
It aims to encourage people to eat food which has been produced within 100 miles of their own home (and provides a Google Maps tool to allow people to find out where that is...)
There is a growing trend towards eating local food and seasonal food (although some argue that this option is not open to all sectors of society, and there are also areas called "food deserts" where people have very little access to food, especially if they have problems moving around the area.
The 100 MILE DIET movement is trying to encourage sustainability.
An interesting article in the Daily Mail showed 2 supermarket shopping baskets. The ingredients in one had travelled a total of 69,700 miles, and the ones in the other had travelled just 299 miles...
Clearly there are places in the UK where this would be easier.
But what about NORFOLK, what about KING'S LYNN ?
If you could only eat food produced within 100 miles of the town what would you survive on ?

We'll try to find out over the next few months...

Start by identifying the area within 100 miles of King's Lynn - it actually brings in a lot of interesting places which should help give us a varied diet !

For what we are about to receive...


spider said...

You may be interested in our London-based 100 mile experiment at

We are putting up details of some more obscure foods that you can actually get in the south east UK.


GeoBlogs said...

Thanks for visiting.
Have flagged up your blog in a new post, and it will be interesting to see how your blog develops. Good luck with the diet!
Mister P