Wednesday, December 20, 2006

"Very flat, Norfolk...."

Image in poster above by Flickr user Fangman. Poster made using BigHugeLabs
This comment was made in the play "Private Lives" by Noel Coward, but anyone who lives in Norfolk will know that there are plenty of undulating uplands and gentle lowlands. There are the morainic landscapes inland from Sheringham and Cromer, and the gentle hills around Holt and Blickling.
Perhaps he was referring to The FENS. These ARE flat, and they are an area which border our place. We are going to look at the formation of these Physical landscapes, as we need to ensure that we have a certain amount of Physical Geography in each of the 3 sections of the Pilot GCSE course. The Fens are also sometimes known as "The Wild West"

Came across this quote, which sort of fits with our work:
"Any fool can appreciate mountain scenery. It takes a man of discernment to appreciate the Fens."
(Harry Godwin, 1932)
We need to be able to appreciate the Fens for something more than a flat monotonous agricultural area. It has big skies, it has wildlife habitat, it has a history of human habitation and struggle with the water...

There is a relatively new Visitor centre, which offers a range of activities to explore the history and landscape of this area called FENSCAPE. It's located at the Springfields Shopping Centre near Spalding in Lincolnshire.
I know that some of you from King's Lynn will perhaps visit Springfields with your parents. Why not pop into Fenscape - it's free, and find out more about this landscape...
If you look at the logo above, you can see 4 crucial aspects of the Fenland landscape.

TASK: What are the 4 parts of the logo above, and why do you think they were chosen to represent the Fens ?

Check out the photos from the FLICKR group for the Fens.
Why not choose one and make a poster using BIG HUGE LABS motivator tool ?
I did one as an example at the start of this post.

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