Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Various Pilot Postings

The TIMES has a story which suggests that the USA want Polar Bears added to the list of Endangered Species.

Also a story about how SAT NAVs are affecting the ability of people to use a map...

Lots in the paper about the waste of Christmas. Bins around the village are overflowing with stuff - went to recycling centre today to get rid of some of our rubbish.

People as Consumers refers to the fact that we all consume things – lots of things – all the time! You’re consuming electricity right now reading this… unless you’re reading this from a printout in which case you’re consuming paper and ink.

Consumption is not just shopping, it’s about how what we consume changes the landscape, the management of local areas and the relationship between people and place.

Fragile Earth is a rather wonderful coffee table book produced by Collins. It shows some of the impacts that we are having on the world. I received a sampler booklet as part of my swag from SAGT 2006. There’s a good price at the moment on Amazon. Worth a look at the images.

There’s a nice FLASH MOVIE here.

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