Friday, December 08, 2006

Sustainable Housing

Do you recognise this place ?
(Image copyright Morston Assets)

On the way into work today, I was queueing as usual by the White Horse in Gaywood waiting for the lights and the poster board by the River Lane Fish Bar contained a large advert for YOURS SOUTH LYNN, offering the chance to "Move in for just £99" and houses from £99,950. It refers to a new community I mentioned in my previous post (scroll down to read it)
Click the image below to be taken to the website shown...
Website images copyright Yours South Lynn
The night before I'd attended a public meeting at Hunstanton Town Hall, where I was one of just 3 people to turn up on a blustery night to hear about the new Millennium Community which I posted about a few days ago.
I chatted to Tom Harrison, Chief Executive of Morston Assets: one of the companies involved in the new development, and heard about the development of the new community, and its goals and ambitions for the future. We discussed the possibility of involving KES pupils (particularly Pilot pupils) in trialling some educational and publicity materials which they have in preparation, and continuing to follow the development.
There are some interesting issues for FUTURES and SUSTAINABILITY.

One aspect is the development of HOME ZONES. These are streets where people and traffic have equal priority, and where 'quality of life takes precedent over ease of traffic movement'.
More to come on this in the future...

Also today we saw another PHOTO JAM to get us thinking using some nice images of the town from FLICKR User "Crouchy Crouch" (thanks!) - remember that IMAGES are key in Geography.

King's Lynn also in the news last week thanks to the showing of Gordon Ramsay's 'Kitchen Nightmares' at Rococo (now Maggie's)

We used a diagram of 3 concentric circles in the lesson today, following on from Goodey's Model last week.
This had the words:
ME in the centre
LOCAL in the first circle (also the name of a Pat Metheny album)
NATIONAL in the second circle
GLOBAL in the third circle

We were looking at links with other places.
Needed to mention something about the immigration into Brazil, particularly from Eastern Europe, China and Portugal/Brazil.
More on this to come, plus the answer to the Google Earth puzzle below...

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