Tuesday, December 05, 2006

South Lynn: Yours for Good...

That's the title of a public presentation I'm going to be attending at the Town Hall in Hunstanton later this week. The developers: Morston Assets will be explaining their role in the new development in South Lynn: apparently the 4th of the Government's 7 millennium communities.
It's a study in Sustainable Low Carbon living, and the session aims to tell people:
  • What are sustainable communities ?
  • How can we reduce carbon emissions by lifestyle changes ?
  • Using alternative energy sources and lowering running costs
  • Managing environments to the benefit of the environment
  • Alternatives to travelling by car
  • What's a home zone ?
  • Do new homes stimulate the local economy
  • Find out about SEXYBIZ (‘Sexybiz’ (Space Exclusively for Young Business) facility, developed by the Norfolk Charitable Trust, will offer FREE office space for residents, with overheads covered for the first 12 months to help you get your start-up business initiative up and running.)
I investigated more and came across the ENGLISH PARTNERSHIPS website.

The seven communities which are being developed as examples of best practice are:

The locations span a variety of environments – including a market town (South Lynn), a seaside town (Hastings), a city estate (New Islington), a new town (Oakgrove), and a larger urban village (Telford). They all offer housebuyers a real opportunity to buy into a more sustainable lifestyle, as well as a new home.

Map of the Community Plan is from the YOURS SOUTH LYNN site.

More on the SOUTH LYNN plan here.
Why not browse through the YOURS SOUTH LYNN site. Each house will come with 2 free bikes and be built with high standards of insulation... It will be interesting to see how the community develops. I'll try and see if we can get a visit to the site and the show home, and try to make contacts with the people there. Could make a good GCSE coursework study as well for the FULL course people.
All part of the larger NORA development scheme.
One to watch...

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