Saturday, December 09, 2006

Ethical Consumerism

A brief debate about this on BBC News 24 this morning, relating to the wisdom of flying food around the world, and the impact of our consumer demands on the environment of those countries where the food is produced.
Helen from the SLN forum has posted a selection of alternative Christmas gifts and where you can get them from. This will help you with the lesson on the final day of term...

First of all the Woodland Trust

Save an acre of rainforest
Christian Aid

Present aid
You’ll know the Oxfam unwrapped site – these little extras include colouring pencils made from well-managed forests - £3.99 and 2007 Funusual calendar - made from 75% recycled paper - £2.99

Volcanic rocks (fizzing chocolate in a volcano box)

Global Warming mug (as the mug heats, the land shrinks!)

Can you find any others ?
And while you're working, why not head over to one of my regular visits: the PCL LinkDump, for some Christmas music with a difference. Love the Frosty the Snowman remixes.

And today, got Ice Age 2 the Meltdown, which comes with some interactive games - would make good Svalbard starters for next year.

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