Sunday, December 03, 2006


Countryfile is one of those programmes you might not have watched. It's on Sunday mornings, and actually contains a lot to interest geographers (although the G word is seldom mentioned)
This week, the team visited North West Norfolk and there was a great sequence with a pink sunrise and thousands of geese rising off the marsh and moving inland.
There were visits to Titchwell and Abbey Farm.

One of the interesting aspects was the possible changes that may take place. The EU are reducing the subsidies that they pay for the growth of sugar beet. At the moment, sugar beet is supported by the EU, and is a high-energy food for the geese. If farmers grow something else, it will probably be a spring crop, and the farmers will have to scare the geese off the crop. Most farmers are very happy for the geese to be on their land at the moment, but this could change.

There's an interesting OXFAM document which gives more background on the subsidies.

Excellent site for exploring this area is a site called FARMSUBSIDY.ORG

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