Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Young Peoples Geography Project - do you want to be involved ?

KES is involved in this project, which is funded by the Action Plan for Geography.
Here is the description of the project on the Geographical Association website.

"This project features young people using their own geographies as a starting point. On a day-to-day basis young people are part of different social groups, they interact simultaneously with others at both a local level (friends, family) and at a global level (via the internet). They navigate very complex networks of participation from informal groups (friends, school groups, shared social activities) to organised activities (such as clubs, sport and music).

In addition their access to spaces and places is enabled and/or hindered by a range of factors and influences such as parents, financial considerations, age group, feelings of safety, identification with different groups, personal interests etc.

Through exploring such issues we hope to work towards the development of an appropriate 'cultural pedagogy' that will enable us to close this perceived gap between students' lived geographies, school geography and academic geography."

In other words, we want to teach the Geography that Young People want (and need) to learn, which might mean teaching things that we don't currently teach, using methods that we don't normally use.

We need to choose 4 people to represent the school. They will spend 3 days at the New Walk museum in Leicester during 2007, the first one being in the middle of January, which is why we need to move fairly quickly.
If you want to be considered as one of the people we take, you need to complete the task below. It can either be done on paper or sent to me by e-mail.

a) Choose one topic which you think we should be teaching you about in Geography and why
b) Choose a country which we don't currently teach you much about which you would like to study.
c) Tell us about a website which you think we should be using more in Geography lessons
d) What sort of homework would you like to be getting in your Geography lessons ?

We want you to be thoughtful and creative. We want to take people who we know have ideas and will be able to make a positive contribution to the meeting.

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