Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What / where is 'YOUR PLACE' ?

This is something only you can answer.
You need to think about a place which you consider to be YOUR place. This could be:
  • a country
  • a county
  • a town or village
  • a district of a town or village
  • a street of a town or village
  • a particular building
  • a room in a building
  • a place: bench, tree, river side, patch of ground
  • a state of mind
Where is YOUR PLACE ? You have been asked to write a 100-150 word description of your place but you will be asked to represent it some other way as well, perhaps in some sort of photo story. This could involve thinking about the SOUNDS that you hear in your place, or the SMELLS that you smell, or the PEOPLE that you would meet, or the EMOTIONS that you might have. I know it's all a bit 'new age' but that's Geography ! What are the boundaries of your place ? How do you know you've reached it ? You might have a mobile phone video perhaps ? Maybe your place is portable ?
What does your place mean to other people ? Do they see it the same way as you do ? If not, why not ?
Lots of questions here. Do you have the answers ?
I'll tell you about MY PLACE next time. Why not add a comment below telling me where your place is.

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