Tuesday, November 28, 2006

England In Particular

We’re very much into the idea of “My Place” at the moment and images of England and King’s Lynn.

The definitive source book for this is a book I bought earlier in the year. It’s called “England in Particular – A Celebration of the commonplace, the local, the vernacular and the distinctive”, edited by Sue Clifford and Angela King, with numerous other contributors, and published by an organisation called Common Ground who also have 2 excellent websites: http://www.commonground.org.uk, and http://www.england-in-particular.info Common Ground and England in Particular. It’s a chunky book, and one to be dipped into rather than read straight through. It’s a glorious achievement, illustrated with black and white illustrations and woodcuts.

The following quotes, which I hope the authors won’t mind me drawing to your attention here, fit perfectly with the idea of “My Place”

It is about “the landscapes, buildings, people and wildlife that gives meaning to the places we know”.

“Everywhere is somewhere. What makes each place unique is the conspiracy of nature and culture; the accumulation of story upon history upon natural history”

“We are all familiar with our own fragments of geography: places where we live, work, visit. We mostly take them for granted, but their significance lies in their very ordinariness to us.”

“The invisible has to be seen through the visible”.

“To ground ourselves, understand our place, find meanings and take steps to cherish and enrich our own patch of land demands that we change our ways, share our knowledge, get involved.”

Click through to Amazon and buy a copy of the book.

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